Don’t get so offended when I tell you that I don’t wanna talk about my feelings when you know something’s bothering me. I don’t seek for anyone’s sympathy.

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I seriously envy every college student who has a job and still lives at home. Like, most of y’all have it easy with financial situations, but I guess it’s my fault for putting myself in this damn situation.

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Star gazing on a car hood or even through the sunroof w/ a sig. other is still on my bucket list no matter how corny and cliché it is.

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Freshman year of college: Complete

The one year I have been anticipating since my 8th grade promotion has recently came to an end. It was definitely a roller coaster consisting of stepping out of my comfort zone, meeting upcoming deadlines, completing rigorous courses with passing grades, being with a new group of friends, dealing with heartbreak, and most of all, experiencing the concept of independence. The summer before freshman year, I’ve been looking forward to the freedom I’d finally get to have considering having a strict mother who made me live in a shell during my high school years. I was never able to go out with my friends after school without having to beg my her not to pick me up from school that day. I also dealt with the “I don’t want to go home because my mom won’t let me leave again once I get there” problem.

Dorming was definitely the best decision I made senior year. I can’t believe I was considering living with my boyfriend at the time straight out of high school. It was a small room for three people but we made it work. I remember throwing a fit when I got the email saying I’m going to be living in a triple. But it turned out way better than I thought. My roommates were sweet, loving, and very supportive. Both became sisters rather than just “roommates.”

Let’s start off with my first semester of college. 13 units. Career exploration, Precalculus, precalc workshop, Academic English II, and Weight training. Started college as an ambitious student hoping to graduate with a degree in computer science. Met a whole bunch of people and tested my ability of remembering names greatly. Very limited to the things I was able to do and the people I was able to talk to due to having a strict boyfriend. Not to sound like that angry ex but really, he’s also another reason why I lived in a shell in high school, but that was totally within my control so I blame myself for that. Near the time of midterms and getting the feel of living on campus, my boyfriend and I have broken up and boy, was I a complete mess. I mean, come on. Three years of loving this boy came to an end. He was the reason why I even went to San Jose State in the first place. With the comfort of my roommates and really good company, I was able to recover from my heartbreak easier than I thought. I was able to have time for myself and this when my curiosity got the best of me. I went to a frat party for the first time. I went out a lot. And I mean a whole lot. I pierced my nose. Wandered around campus all by myself during daylight hours to recapture the real reason why I’m here. Throughout the pain, tears, and heartbreak I’ve experienced through my first semester of college, I was able to surpass all the obstacles and pass all of my classes with at least A-’s.

Winter break was by far one of the best winter breaks I’ve experienced. I was still under the control of my mother since everyone was kicked out of the dorm for winter session. Still pushed my mother’s buttons and did not listen to her when she said to “be home early.” Winter break mostly consisted of those small kickbacks with those I felt most comfortable with. Winter break also consisted of me finally getting to know the guy I “fangirled” over ever since I followed him on insta. He texted me for the first time on New Years Day as a “fresh start” to the year. Went to my first basketball game with him. Almost wasn’t able to go until my mom made the decision the morning of the game. Overall, it was a winter break well spent.

I’ve anticipated the start of second semester only because I really missed my roommates to death. 12 units. Public Address: Mexican American Studies, English 1A, Introduction to Music, and Cultural Geography.Met new people the beginning of the semester that became my “group of friends” from then on. Started off by being randomly approached by a guy who happened to be from Stockton too in the DC. He introduced me to his group of friends as I introduced them to my group of friends, and it all went along from there. This semester was filled with many more spontaneous adventures and meeting a whole bunch of people. Unfortunately, I had become a victim of Freshman 15… Let’s just say it’s the “happy weight” gained after a rough first semester. I mean.. c’mon. After a tough breakup of a three year relationship, giving myself “me time” and meeting someone I actually connected with, who wouldn’t gain happy weight? I started college at 110 or so, dropped 10 after the breakup, then went up to a little over 120. Freakin’ ridiculous. Considered pledging for a sorority, rushed, but thought about my priorities and decided that I’d rather put my spare time in a job than being tortured by upperclassmen. So I applied to many places, and got hired at Sports Authority. School wise… my grades weren’t so great. All B’s but like… at least I didn’t have anything lower than that. Lol. I was more about my social life than school honestly. I went from an eager ambitious college freshman to a procrastinating curious student with no idea of her career path.

Overall, college was not what I had expected whatsoever, but well worth the ride. Do I regret choosing SJSU? Not at all. Perfectly satisfied with my choice for my university. I’m the type of girl who believes that everything happens for a reason. I’m taking life as it hits me, yet I still have that drive to pursue my future successes, regardless of wherever my educational career takes me.

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I am a girl who easily gets sidetracked when talking. I can be talking about one thing, completely shift gears & start talking about another thing.

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disadvantages of having thick hair

  • your head is always 100000 degrees
  • shedding everywhere
  • snapping thin combs
  • spend $100 on dye if you want to color it
  • hair is still wet 2 years after you showered
  • styling your hair takes longer than growing it

advantages of having thick hair

  • ????

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zarzarzarzarzar said: I remember when you were "wthrachel" like... 4-5 years ago.

Aww, I know! Haha. I just got tired of it. Dang. You were one of my first followers. ☺️

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