Some spring break. It’s already Thursday. I guess you can say it’s bittersweet. Maybe more on the bitter side. I had so many things planned for spring break, but most of them were ruined due to Mother Nature who decided to make it rain on my spring break. But I’m still trying to make the most out of it. Caught up with my two best friends Tuesday and Wednesday. Having a bonfire in my backyard tonight. Don’t know what I have in store for Friday & the weekend yet. Idk. All at the same time, I miss being in SJ. I miss my usual company. The freedom I have there. After being home for a couple of days, it just gets boring. Any who, let’s just hope the rest of my spring break is worthwhile.

3 weeks ago
Don’t drink with me. Especially when ratchet music is playing. Bad news.

Don’t drink with me. Especially when ratchet music is playing. Bad news.

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I feel so bad for my mom sometimes. No disrespect to my sister or anything, but walking out on my mom like that is the most selfish and lowest thing she could have ever done. My mom went through so much providing for our family. Leaving without telling her could be the worst thing she has done to my mom. What I see from this is my sister running away from her problems. She couldn’t even talk to my mom about moving out. She just left. I can easily predict that this is just gonna bite my sister in the ass in the future.

My mom was eating dinner alone in the kitchen. As I was passing by to get water, she stops me and says, “What your sister did was bad. Don’t be like her. I want you to be more open with me unlike your sister.” This actually broke my heart a little. I wonder how bad my mom’s feelings were hurt from this situation… Losing that mother-daughter connection with Hazel… I know I already moved out the house, but I try my best to maintain a healthy relationship with my mom. I love my mom so much. We already share a close relationship. I understand why my sister moved out. I get it. My mom can be really strict and super uptight. I know, I get annoyed and irritated with her too, but never enough to make me leave like that.

Yeah, my sister just turned 23, and she could do whatever she wants. But was it right for her to leave my family hanging like that? I don’t know. Cut mom some slack, sissy.

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